"Bad Web Series" is an innovative series that combines exaggerated storylines with familiar production faux pas commonly experienced by the web series community. 

Bad Web Series Episode 201

Jessica, Shay, and LaTayvion rush to the hospital after hearing about Tony and Greg's train accident. LaTayvion introduces her new man, Brian, to her Sassy Black Mama.

Bad Web Series Episode 204

Shay begins selling It Could Work; Tony and Greg are forced to talk it out; LaTayvion grows suspicious of Sassy Black Mama's intentions with Brian.

Bad Web Series Episode 207

Greg and Jessica get an unexpected visit from Ann Fidelity. LaTayvion plans a surprise party for Sassy Black Mama where sh*t hits the fan!

Bad Web Series Episode 202

Jessica throws a surprise welcome home party for Greg, but all hell breaks loose when Tony shows up. LaTayvion has an awkward run in with Trishelle.

Bad Web Series Episode 205

The co-creators of Bad Web Series explain the reason for the delay to the viewers. Next, Tony and Greg meet Greg's new physical therapist; With the whole crew back on good terms, they all meet at Tony and Shay's for Web Series Wednesday; Shay has a meeting with Ciara about their partnership.

Bad Web Series Episode 203

Tony treats the ladies to brunch, where LaTayvion runs into an old fling; Jessica and Shay bump into a high school frenemy with a lucrative business opportunity.

Bad Web Series Episode 206

Jessica is not here for Dr. Ann's kind of therapy, meanwhile Greg is oblivious; Tony learns some news that could save Shay from It Could Work; LaTayvion and Brian bump heads.