What We Need

To produce a quality second season, we are asking that family, friends, supporters, and fans contribute to our fundraising success. Your contributions will go towards the following:

  • Food for cast and crew – the cast and crew are doing this for free (that’s right, free!). The least we can do is make sure they’re fed well. A happy actor is a good actor!
  • Props
  • Locations – there are fees associated with shooting at some of the locations
  • Post-production – this covers editing. Nothing worse than having a good script with bad sound and lighting.
  • Marketing – to spread the word about the series

What’s in it for You?

The fundraising campaign for Season 2 will begin July 1st. When you donate through Indiegogo, you’re helping the first season of D.C. Yuppies reach its highest potential. As a token of our appreciation, each tier on the Perks scale comes with a gift. Please see the Perks scale and the gifts associated with each level.