What is a Yuppie?

Sophisticated, yet flashy. Refined, but arrogant. A yuppie is a Young Urban Professional that has achieved a certain level of success for such a short time in their career. But don’t mistake a yuppie for all work and no play. As yuppies check goals off their lists, they celebrate with happy hours behind the velvet rope (bottle service, of course). They are the clique that everyone envies, but secretly wishes to be a part of, until they’re in…

The Show

D.C. Yuppies is a scripted web-series that follows the lives of young urban professionals as they navigate their promising careers, relationships, and the exciting nightlife of the Washington, DC Metro area, affectionately known as DMV. But in an area this fast-paced, the drama runs high and the gossip spreads fast!

Errin is the hopelessly romantic nucleus of the Yuppie bunch who brings her quiet and quirky coworker, Deanna, to her first happy hour. It’s there that we meet the rest of Errin’s clique: Jordan – the gentleman, LaNay – the one-woman rumor mill, Moe – the ladies’ man, Kallandra – the sophisti-ratchet, and Rob – the nice guy that always finishes last.


Princess Ezeofor as Errin.

Errin is the center of the group. From game nights to happy hours, she is the one who organizes the gatherings. So, it’s only right that most of the chaos centers around her as well.

Princess Ezeofor is an Actress/Student attending Howard University in Washington, D.C. Princess has been working professionally as an actress in the DC/MD/VA area since April 2014. Since her first booking for the Investigation Discovery show “Nightmare Next Door” she has kept her momentum rolling, booking a starring role in the upcoming television show “Choices” and starring roles in two short films, “Security” and “Protecting Oppa,” as well as supporting roles. Her work on Mercedes Benz commercials and several different web series, including “Criminal Bounds,” “Quarter Century,” a starring role in “African Americans,” has ensured that she is definitely a budding young talent. 

Kelvin Terrell as Jordan.

Jordan is the jokester and the gentleman of the group. He secretly has a thing for his best friend, Errin, but after several unsuccessful attempts to escape her Friend Zone, he’s settled on being her “brother.”

Privately trained, Kelvin Terrell has portrayed an impressive variety of roles ranging from a secret agent to a religious extremist/terrorist and everything in between. The Hampton University alum has been seen in the Netflix original series HOUSE OF CARDS and the hit web series ANACOSTIA. 

Karen Elle as LaNay.

LaNay is the former ATL shawty turned D.C. Yuppie. But be careful what you say around her, because this one-woman rumor mill dishes out the gossip just as fast as she hears it.

Karen Elle is a proud graduate of Howard University (BA English) and has enjoyed her acting experience in the D.C. Area. She has appeared in plays in the D.C. Black Theatre Festival, the Capitol Fringe Festival, the Delaware Fringe Festival, the One Minute Play Festival, Silver Spring Stage, and The Vagina Monologues, just to name a few.

Antonio Harrison as Maurice “Moe.”

Moe is the player of the group. The ladies stay throwing attention at him, and who is he to turn them down? He also like to give his boys Jordan and Rob a hard time.

Antonio was born and raised in the Washington, DC Area. He got his start in acting at a very young age by participating in school productions and plays. He put that on hold to pursue football, but after suffering an injury, he returned to acting, pursing a Digital Media Productions degree from the Art Institute of Washington. Most recently, Antonio has been seen on Discovery ID, Netflix, MSNBC, and many web series.

Toks Oriola as Kallandra.

Kallandra: the shoot first, ask questions last, "sophisticated ratchet" chick that every group of friends has (and needs). Highly educated, but will still cuss you out, Kallandra will check you in the office as well as on the street.

Toks Oriola, MBA candidate at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, plays the role of Kallandra and is extremely proud to be part of the DC Yuppies cast. Toks has been recently seen in the Maryland Ensemble Theater (MET) 2014 production of The Wizard of ODD.

Charles Lee as Rob.

Rob is the nice guy that finishes last. EVERY. TIME. He attempts to follow in Moe’s player footsteps, but it never works for him. Rob’s good guy personality usually finds him as the butt of the group’s jokes.

Charles Lee was born in Southern California but raised primarily in New York City, and currently resides in Woodbridge, VA. In a 25 year career that began in his youth, his credits include several stage, screen, and television productions, including, “A Raisin in the Sun,” “Six Degrees of Separation,” “Evan Almighty,”, “Safe House,” “House of Cards,” and “VEEP,” to name a few. He is currently in production of the feature length film "Kalinda," a gritty, independent crime thriller for World Studio Films.

Sudria Twyman as Shawna.

Shawna is an old friend to the Yuppies clique, but better known as Moe's "one that got away." Shawna is the good girl in love with a bad boy. Despite Moe letting her down time and time again, She holds onto to the hope that she can change him. She teaches high school with Errin and is generally the peacemaker of the group (whenever she and Kallandra aren't bumping heads).

Sudria is a Prince Georges County, Maryland native, who recently moved back to the DC area after spending 10 years in Atlanta, Georgia. Sudria is a graduate of Spelman College, and has been acting and modeling since high school. In Atlanta, she has worked on several television and film projects, including Drop Dead Diva, Big Momma's House 3, and The Walking Dead. Sudria is thrilled to be back in the DMV, and excited to be one of the newest members to join the DC. Yuppies cast! 

Vishani Miller as Deanna.

The free-spirit, the “hippie,” Deanna is the newcomer to the Yuppie crew. She prefers her nights at home with a good book over a table and bottle service at a trendy club. Her cheerful attitude is Kallandra’s constant buzzkill.

A native of Sacramento, CA, Vishani has worked as an actress and model on numerous exciting projects across the country.  Favorites include runway work with the Sebastian / Wella Future Vision Tour; and ALL of the outrageously fun commercial projects she’s been fortunate enough to spend days shooting. Vishani lives for those “I can’t believe I get to do this!” moments, which always show up for her out of these experiences. Grateful for each opportunity, she views each performance as an offer to be brave and powerful in her artistic expression. Undoubtedly, Vishani lives her life by the motto, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imaged.”

Armand Thomas as Kenny.

Kenny is Errin’s laid back boyfriend. In fact, the only thing that takes him out of his easygoing demeanor is his run-ins with Jordan.

Armand Thomas is an actor from Prince George’s County, MD. He started acting in 2010 and has participated in short films, two web series, one feature film and a music video.  He is an easy going guy who loves his family and impacting people's lives in a positive way. He enjoys traveling, golf, comedy, and reading.

Brandon Hairston is the creator, writer, and director of the D.C. Yuppies series. The Towson University/Bowie State alum caught the creative writing bug in 2009, using his short stories to entertain his coworkers, family, and friends. In 2011, he released a collection of adult short stories titled, "Now I Know My ABC's." With "D.C. Yuppies," Brandon is now ready to bring his characters to life and share them with a larger audience.